I’m Madison Sabini, a Sacramento girl that loves to get out of town on the weekends and picked up photography as a hobby. My loves include writing, personal fitness and trying to find new restaurants.

I’m a lot of things: new blogger, photography admirer, social media lover, a sorority alumna, a young professional, corgi mom, foodie, fashion lover, makeup junkie, wine drinker, beer snob and road tripper. If any of you can tell me how to keep succulents alive I would appreciate it, I’ve murdered three plants.

I started blogging in college to build a portfolio. This blog is a reboot of that college portfolio where I documented my skills for my job search after graduation. I bucked up and purchased a domain name and I’m getting pretty serious about this whole blog thing. Now I’m writing about my favorite places and things in my hometown and about my travels, interested? Take it for a scroll!